Itchy eye

Do bedbugs make your eyes itch? If not, then something else is making me itchy, all over, in random spots. Including my head sometimes.

Also, I’m the worst person to speak to. Especially if you are a woman around my age. That’ll give me an anxiety attack. Don’t think gay men would get an anxiety attack from a woman speaking to them, unless both genders do.

Don’t know if she heard me, I said hi and good. Probably mumbled it.

Men don’t give me an anxiety attack, I might get pissed, because they usually want cigarettes.

What do they do for itchy eyes? Bleach em out? Then I might be blind, that’ll take care of most of the anxiety, just bleach my ears out too, then I’ll have zero anxiety. Including when a semi truck runs me over. I won’t even know it. Never see or hear em coming.

Does the fingerprint sensor work on custom ROMs? And why is it an engineer build? Probably more stable then the stock ROM, Lenovo doesn’t know software.

I also thought she went all the way in the building. She was sitting in the lobby.

What is it if you feel like crying? That isn’t anxiety. Maybe pure insanity. That would be funny, just start crying when some woman is greeting you. You’d need to know the reason, but there is no reason. Maybe because my eye is itchy. I was trying to keep the crying inside where it belongs, I succeeded. But my eye still itches.

When I was about to cry when I saw my dad after 10+ years, he thought I was going to punch him. So did the other person in the garage. Nope, just crying. I should be crying now, he’s dead, and my mom hates him, which means she hates me, because he helped make me.