Resurrection Remix Moto X4

Another new ROM, none of them support the one navigation gestures. How long till they support that?

If I wasn’t lazy, I’d flash it. Think I liked that ROM on my Moto G5S Plus.

Sneezing hard will hurt your balls.

I’d probably have to unlock my bootloader too.

Downloading all the files, nothing says how to unlock the bootloader.

In the long process of flashing it. You have to unlock it. Make sure you do the unlock first, otherwise you get to relogin to Google, to enable OEM unlocking. The ROM doesn’t say to do the obvious. I had to search Google to find the Motorola site. Nobody bothers linking to it.

Very slow, and it’s probably going to flash TWRP two times, probably doesn’t matter. That’s actually three times. If you count the first time.

Oops, I forgot to backup stock. No more stock for me, it’s crap anyways. Email Motorola, I’m sure they’ll give you it.

I’ll never know if the custom ROM fixes the WiFi, to lazy to try and figure out how to enable IPv6 on my new router. You have to do it from a terminal, not the web interface.

Booted the custom ROM.

Root aye or nay?

Engineer mode has a red flashing square around the screen. Luckily, it doesn’t stay there, just flashes, I think when you unlock your phone. How long for the regular build?