Wifi is faster

Looks like the USB cable my Banana Pi R1 came with is crap, and so are my Anker USB cables. I get 16.72 Mbps download on my phone now, it was under 10 Mbps before. Does the wifi work in the bathroom now? Possibly. The Anker cables are fine for connecting to a computer, or for charging something low end, like my phone. So they still have use. The one the kit came with, might be useless.

Will a new power adapter make OpenVPN faster? Should plug it into my USB battery and see, it has 2 amp output, or 2.1. I think.

The answer is no, the wall wart it came with is fine. Just the USB cable sucks.

WiFi still doesn’t work in bathroom. It doesn’t disconnect all the way but nothing loads. Maybe tomorrow I’ll try my Anker USB charger with it. It should do 2 A. Or maybe I need a even better quality USB cable.

Anker power adapter doesn’t make OpenVPN any faster. I can hook my old router up to use it for WiFi, just plug it into my switch, or plug the long ethernet cable into it, and use the router as a switch/router.