What happens if you connect two micro USB cables to the Banana Pi R1?

It has two micro USB slots, if you plug it into the wrong one, it won't turn on. Will it be faster if it has two power sources? Or will it be fried? To risky to try it. I'll see if Monoprice.com has micro USB cables advertised as supporting more amps.

USB 2.0 to Micro B Sync & Fast Charge Cable with Data Transfer Protection On/Off Switch – 30/20 AWG 4.5ft 13 bucks, might be overkill for the Banana Pi R1. I need two, one to charge my big/heavy portable battery. The ones I have are premium. Probably wouldn't make a difference. Maybe a shorter one would. Not sure three feet is long enough, that's what she said.

If you look at the picture on tinyonestore.com, the other micro USB is for OTG.