Is that why apt is so slow on my Raspberry Pi?

The OS is on a micro SD card. If you run top, wa, is higher then 0. Think that’s waiting on the I/O. I’d need a USB hub to plug another drive into it, unless I don’t want USB 3.0 for it. I have a hub I could use.

Don’t have a drive I can use though. The SSD I have in an enclosure, is for music if the power goes out. I can plug it into my iPad mini.

Would a flash drive be better then a micro SD card? Maybe a good enough one. The micro SD card is SanDick I think, so it’s supposed to be the best brand.

I’ll probably leave it as is. Hmm, might have been backing up earlier. That’s one slow ass backup. I think it’s using dump to backup the micro SD card, to the external USB drive connected to it.

The load is less now, so it was probably running a backup earlier. What time does it start running the backup?

The wa is probably less now as well, too lazy to check. Channels DVR says the load of it, no need to SSH into it to see that.