How long does it take the Amazon Photos or whatever app to find new files?

You can tell it to upload everything in a folder. Some new files, but it never bothered to upload them. I did reboot my Linux PC. But I went onto the Mac afterwards, and nothing was paused for very long. And it even shows the new files in Finder.

So I guess I have to restart the shitty program to get it to upload. Not really automatic.

The files are on a network share, on the Linux PC. I might forget to do that if I ever take any photos. If I check on Amazon, and they weren’t uploaded, I might remember to check it.

Too much work to connect the drives to the Mac. The format isn’t compatible with macOS, without a third party driver. I’m not reformatting the drives. Also, the Linux PC is my primary computer, so makes more sense to have all the drives on it. No idea why I bought the Mac mini. It is nice being able to backup my phone, except it doesn’t work over WiFi. It’s a pain to force it to use IPv4, and IPv6 looks like gibberish to me, so I’m not poking holes in the firewall, for IPs that might change. The wired and wireless is isolated from each other. You can thank the WiFi cracker for that.

You don’t need to restart Amazon Photos, just do scan and upload now. Under backup, and then there’s a little icon by the backup, and an option that says scan and upload now.