Best Buy curbside pickup sucks

We waited, and waited, and they never came out. Tried calling, but we’d have to wait on hold for 20+ minutes. Went inside, and they claim they have problems with their curbside pickup. Sure they do. That happened one other time as well, that time they claimed they didn’t see we were there. They might have been coming outside as soon as we were going inside that time though. Not this time. It was still in the bucket.

A tech store, that can’t fix their own tech.

Everywhere else I’ve gotten pickups from, it works just fine. Kind off ironic that Best Buy’s curbside pickup doesn’t work. I wouldn’t recommend getting your computer fixed from Best Buy. Seeing as they can’t fix their own curbside pickup.

Next time, I’ll order something on Amazon. I should have just paid $100 for the OWC hard drive dock, if it was defective, like some are according to reviews, just send it back. At least Best Buy won’t get a penny.

And I’m probably waiting till the 1st to buy the drive for the Raspberry Pi. Wouldn’t leave enough money in the credit union. How much is enough? That’s hard to say. To buy a solar panel or not. Perhaps I will, that would really not leave enough money in the credit union.