Insignia™ – 2-Bay HDD docking station

Was thinking about buying the Amazon branded enclosure, but it costs $30, and doesn’t look great. So I just bought the Insignia hard drive dock instead. Now I can use my other 3 TB drive. Just backing up the other 3 TB drive, since can’t think of anything else to use it for.

Oh and when I was changing out the dock, everything got disconnected from USB, or at least the drives did. Or at least I think that’s what happened, according to dmesg. I typed “mount -a” too soon. Didn’t realize everything disconnected until I already remounted everything, and was looking at dmesg, to try and find what it says for Insignia. Some errors on some of the USB drives, and then it getting mounted. One even read only. Not anymore, as I was able to make a folder.

I did unmount the drive that was in the old dock. Perhaps I should have ran eject as well.

The old dock is already plugged into the Raspberry Pi, just need a drive now. Most likely getting the Seagate NAS drive. But might wait until Wednesday.

Bus 004 Device 020: ID 0578:0578 Intrinsix Corp. NS-PCHDEDS19 Series DISK2
Bus 004 Device 021: ID 0578:0578 Intrinsix Corp. NS-PCHDEDS19 Series DISK1

Doesn’t tell you much, that’s according to lsusb. So who makes the chipset? Intrinsix?

If there’s something else is lsusb for it, don’t know what, as everything appeared to reconnect by USB, at least the drives, so dmesg isn’t very helpful now. Except, it might be the last thing connected that is still the new dock. Doesn’t appear to be anything except that, even in dmesg for the new dock.

And it isn’t backing up the Timeshift backup, as it was getting errors, so I excluded it. That isn’t my only backup. I have a backup with I don’t know what on one of my actual backup drives. Might be restic, no idea, to lazy to open a terminal and look at the script. It’ll suck if I need that backup, as I don’t recall what it was made with.

Can you make a RAID 1 without formatting both drives? That is a software RAID 1. Kind of pointless, RAID isn’t for backups. So you might as well use “rclone sync” instead.

Need to reboot once it’s done. So the order of drives in the file manager might go back to how it was. Yes, you need it always in the same order. That’s further proof all my drives disconnected. Should have just turned it off, I was going to turn the desktop off, if it wouldn’t unmount the drive.

Oh yeah, the drive was really hot when I removed it from the old dock, that’s with a fan blowing on it. Well, possibly not blowing, no idea when the USB got loose from the four port charger for it. If it isn’t plugged in all the way, the fan stops. Enterprise drives seem to run hot, at least those ones. I think both of them do.

Hmmm, how long will a refurbished 6 TB drive from the same seller last? One review for one of em, said they are data center drives, removed and resold way before their hours or whatever.

A new drive might last me a super long time. But I think the refurbished one is only $70. And the first two refurbished drives I bought from them, are still working. But paying $70 every five years, instead of $135 every 10+ years, might not be so bad. Might want a bigger drive in five years anyways. So I might fill up the 6 TB drives, and need bigger ones. Then what am I supposed to do with the non dead drives yet? Well, the desktop could use em.

And the USB 6 TB drive will probably die before the backup drive. Even if the backup is a refurbished drive. The USB drives are cheap for a reason.

Will probably buy the new drive, don’t want a hot backup drive. Somebody asked if they are supposed to run hot, the seller didn’t respond. Perhaps that seller isn’t so great. That’s who I bought my two hot Enterprise drives from.

Heat might kill your backups.

Transferred:        1.271 TiB / 1.271 TiB, 100%, 17.570 MiB/s, ETA 0s
Checks:                48 / 48, 100%
Transferred:       194513 / 194513, 100%
Elapsed time:   3h33m10.3s

Some stuff failed, because I didn’t pass “-L” to it. I ran it again with that, and now everything is backed up, except Timeshift. It doesn’t backup links by default.