Nice dream

Two women were chasing me in the dream. And kept giving me shots, probably a placebo. And they were trying to get out of my dream, and into reality, they made me sleep in my dream. But I think I woke up. Clearly they didn’t exit the dream. That might not be possible.

If they did exit the dream, I wouldn’t be typing this. I’d wake up shocked.

Only one of them wanted sex with me. No idea why the other woman was involved.

For some unknown reason, I wasn’t trying to dream about what I wanted, like I’ve usually been doing.

Was that a good or a bad dream? Wasn’t bad enough to get me out of bed very quickly.

I can’t tell you who they were supposed to be. No idea. They may not exist anywhere.

I ran away from a woman once, I didn’t recognize her. If it’s been a long time since I’ve seen somebody, or they change their appearance, I won’t recognize them. Surprised I remember who they might have been though.

If I had a gf, and she came out of the bathroom looking different, I wouldn’t recognize her. I’m not even sure I can recognize myself in the mirror.

Much easier to recognize people by their voice.

Now can they make me sound like I inhaled helium? Then if I miraculously say hi to somebody, she will ask “What the fuck happened to your voice?”. I want to sound like that every time I talk, without inhaling anything.

Hmm, apparently, I’d rather have weird dreams, then interact with anybody. I’d probably still have weird dreams. At least, I don’t recall most of the dreams. Just parts of it.