Is my soundbar broken?

I couldn’t get Dolby Atmos to work, wasn’t working on Xbox or Apple TV. But it worked if I changed the input on the soundbar to eARC. Yet wouldn’t work on HDMI IN.

I tried everything I could think of, but ended up having to unplug the soundbar and plug it back in. Other sound formats worked. Just no Dolby Atmos. I even unplugged everything from HDMI switch, that didn’t fix it either.

Probably needs another firmware update.

Seems stupid to use eARC, when it’s plugged directly into the soundbar. That’s why I didn’t just use eARC. I shouldn’t have to.

Resolves No Audio when changing inputs and on power up.

Hmm, there was audio, just no Dolby Atmos.

M51ax-J6 firmware

Though that might address the problem I was having with eARC maybe. No sound at all, till I cycled eARC on the TV. I’ll update it later, maybe. Not sure it’s worth updating anymore, should have shipped with working firmware.

I updated the firmware on it. It’ll probably have a new problem that they included in the new firmware. How old is the soundbar? It shouldn’t be this buggy.

The release notes or whatever, I think is added “features”. It was working fine with the Apple TV. Turned it off. When I turned it back on to play the Xbox, no sound. Turned soundbar off and back on, and there was sound. Turning the soundbar off and back on in the past, I don’t think would get sound working.

I wouldn’t recommend Vizio soundbars, apparently they are buggy as fuck, and Vizio can’t fix it. Mine was supposed to be one of the best soundbars for the price, not really with buggy firmware. It’ll be interesting to see if there’s sound today when turning it on.