Looks like no 5G on Access Wireless

They use T-Mobile, but it says LTE, after disconnecting from WiFi.

The paper says to ignore the text from 2903. But the text says, if you don’t call 611, your service will be terminated. So I’ll do what the text says.

I need to port my number. How do I do that? You probably can’t. Well, in that case, they might as well terminate it.

Yes my phone supports 5G, and pretty sure my apartment got 5G when I had T-Mobile. Says it’s activated. And I forgot what my number and passcode is. It said it, but I forgot. Is it the same passcode I made when I applied? Looks similar to what they said. Now to get the number, by going to Cellular in settings. Maybe 5G works now, probably not. So it’s no better then US Mobile on Verizon.

Looks like you can’t port a number to it, you can change the number, but sounds like it just assigns a new number, not port a number. Just clicked it, nothing about porting a number.

Says only 210 MBs of data left. So I don’t get 4.5 GB of data? Apparently not. I didn’t use over a gig of data right now, didn’t even do a speed test.

Well, you can’t port a number to it. So I think I’ll port the number to T-Mobile Prepaid instead. I could email them, but they won’t respond until Monday. So kind of pointless. I only have till the 7th to port the number, without having to pay two bills.

Their site is broken, if you go to manage account, says no data used. On the main page, also says 0 minutes remaining.

I emailed them again. But I could just use the data. And pay to keep the other number. Not sure T-Mobile Prepaid has a no data plan. US Mobile does.

And SIM swapping is probably easy, you can access an account with their phone number, and four digit passcode. Unless they don’t allow porting out.

But based on the low security, I think I shouldn’t bother with it. And to use T-Mobile, I have to use a different email. Cause they are a dick, and won’t let me delete my old/inactive accounts.

T-Mobile for $10 per month isn’t great though, only 1,000 texts. Not that many eSIM providers. Can’t use two real SIM cards.

And from what I read, T-Mobile’s cheap prepaid plans, have tax. So US Mobile could be cheaper.

They are probably going to tell me to call them to port the number. No thanks, I’ll just pay for it in that case.

There’s another option, port the number to Google Voice. Then forward it to the Access Wireless number. That might cost $25 though one time.