OLYMPUS M.Zuiko Digital ED 75 to 300mm II

If I was into going outside, I’d buy that lens. The Pro lenses cost too much.

I have the cheaper Olympus zoom lens, might have paid $100 for it, it doesn’t do 300mm.

Look at the photos on Amazon. Sucks you have to enable photos to see the photos in reviews. I should get that extension, that lets you modify webpages, to hide avatars on Amazon.

Hmm, I could replace my sweet 17mm manual lens, with a Sigma 16mm lens, the Sigma has auto focus, I think. I like my 17mm lens too much to replace it though.

Hmm I think I had a cheaper Sigma 30mm lens. Or was it 19mm? Pretty sure it was 30mm. The one for a little under $300, is way better. But I might have that mm in a zoom lens. Use extension tubes with it. There is a 30mm macro lens though, I think Olympus has one.

The 30mm would probably work for taking photos of people. Except, I may never go to family events again, I puke by going to Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have a Yi 42.5mm lens, or 40 something. Not sure what the point in buying a 30mm lens would be, other than the aperture. Otherwise, I’m pretty much covered, except for 300mm. Is my cheap zoom lens max 150mm? If so, the only focal length I need is 150+mm. Do they have a cheaper 300mm lens? One that starts at 150mm or more?

How shitty is the Meike 35mm F1.4? I might have bought a lens from them, and the focus ring screwed up, had to send it back. It’s only $90 though, and I’m cheap. Damn, you need F2.8 on it, to get tack sharp. I usually use f4 or more, possibly f5.6. I use a flash. So I guess F2.8 would be better. Where’s some sample images? That must be at F1.4. I’d recommend F5.6, too much bokeh. Hmm, good for taking porn photos, F1.4. Might blur a bunch out.

Hmm, so I don’t need a flash with that lens? Not sure the 17mm needs a flash, if I use it’s max aperture. But it might be soft. And flash makes white balance easy. If I don’t use a flash, I have to set a manual white balance, or it doesn’t look right.

I might order it. I need some other stuff too.

Now I have to buy a three pack of ZeroWater filters, the two pack is out of stock or gone. Doesn’t say the one time purchase price. Just the subscription price.

Amazon is a fucking dick. Probably have to add to my cart to see the price. Might wait till the morning to checkout though.

It was their 6.5mm lens that was defective. You can get a defective lens with any brand. Cheap lenses probably more likely. But $90 is way better priced. What do you need auto focus for? Just move with your feet every time the subject moves. See, you only need to focus once, then use your feet.