SNES is dead

I just replaced the pin connector, it still gets a black screen. Could sell it on eBay, as is, for parts. Not sure how much I’d get though. I spent way to much money trying to fix it.

I bought another SNES 62 pin connector

I want to see how it looks on my TV with the new cable from Sweden. I didn’t buy the new pin connector, that’s 38 bucks after shipping. The used one was around 16 bucks. And I’ll get it faster. Shipped it somewhere else.

The one I bought before was cheaper, to bad they delivered it to the wrong address. It was refused, and is on the way back.

Should of bought Dragon Quest, all four of the Super Famicom ones.

Why didn’t I buy the one with free shipping? Slightly cheaper. They have less feedback though.

Anyone need a shielded SNES S-Video cable?

My SNES is broken. I ordered a 62 pin connector, but it was delivered to the wrong address, and refused. Now it’s being sent back. I haven’t convinced myself to buy another connector. Maybe if I get a refund.

The cable came from Sweden. I won’t buy the new 62 pin connector in Sweden, they didn’t accept or reject my offer, just completely ignored it instead. If they rejected it, I’d more likely buy it. But 30 bucks is kind of a rip off. They don’t provide any proof that they are made by Nintendo, not sure how you’d verify that.

Now to sort of do the exercise my counselor wants me to do. I get a free cake for doing it.

That might work for the SNES

NTSC/PAL TFT LCD Monitor Display – 4.3″ Diagonal

If I ever fix my SNES, I could buy that monitor for it. It uses the old connectors, so I assume it’s the same crappy old tech the SNES was made for. No upscaler needed.

Do they have them for cheaper on eBay? Maybe they have a slightly bigger one. But there’s nowhere to put it. Not a small or a big one. I could put a small one on my coffee table. You need a CRT. Those are cheaper anyways. I don’t want to carry one though, so I’ll pass.

They didn’t accept my offer

On eBay for a Super Nintendo 62 Pin Connector. It says it’s new. They ignored it, instead of clicking accept or reject. Therefore, I won’t buy it. More likely to buy it if they reject the offer, rejecting by ignoring, pisses me off. Also I already ordered one, the mail jackass stole it, or delivered to somebody else, who decided to keep it.

AV cable doesn’t make a difference

Most likely the pin connector. I did slightly damage it by trying to get it to work.

Not sure I needed the 20 dollar S-Video cable from Sweden. I didn’t see any noise in the picture, one game sort of works, until you click One Player. It looks slightly better then RCA.

Probably need an upscaler.

Cable showed up

I was right, it was USPS’s fault. Somebody wrote on it “Not here” and “Not at this address”. They should be fired for not being able to read addresses.

I can’t change the feedback myself, the seller has to send a revision request.

They might not respond, so they get bad feedback. They must not care, no point in me caring. And they replied, and sent a feedback revision. I accepted and gave them positive feedback, should of gave them neutral. Oh well, I probably won’t order from them again. I don’t want to contact USPS.