You can have all the old posts

If you lookup the old domain on the archive site, you can find a recent snapshot from the 17th. I could just redirect this site there.

Enjoy bots

Cloudflare is set to under attack now. That might piss the bots off, and some people. But who cares. Once the unique hits takes a hit, I’ll know it’s working.

Nice dream

Two women were chasing me in the dream. And kept giving me shots, probably a placebo. And they were trying to get out of my dream, and into reality, they mad...


I’m almost in a state, where I can sleep 24/7. I didn’t want to get out of bed today. No idea why I did.

No internet on the 21st

Comcast claims they will be “upgrading” their network that day in my area. To support multi gigabyte download and upload speeds.

VMware is a dick

For the free Fusion Player for personal use, you have to fill out a business form to get it. I don’t own a business, or work for a business. So there’s a cha...

Need more easy Instant Pot recipes

I like recipes, you just literally dump everything in Instant Pot. You don’t have to cut anything up. Or soak it in anything overnight, guess that isn’t a bi...

May get a 16 TB or bigger drive

That should be big enough to back everything up on it. I’ll probably pay more for an enterprise external drive, one of the SanDick ones probably.

Ha, they’ve only had Seagate drives die

The connector on a Seagate SSD got damaged somehow I think, that I had once. Pretty sure it was a SSD. Probably Windows was on it, when I could dual boot.