It isn’t booting the bootloader

That’s why macOS is messed up in VirtualBox. It’s trying to boot slowly, not sure if it’s the installer, or the internal drive. Probably the installer, because the flash drive is flashing.

Yup, it booted the flash drive. Better reinstall, maybe then Clover can boot the internal drive. VirtualBox gets an error if you install without the bootloader. Unless you boot without the bootloader.

It’ll boot with only two cores. Six didn’t work.

And it’s pretending to be an Intel Core 2 Duo.

Changed it to the newest iMac, or the newest one in Clover Configurator. All six cores work now.

Oh and Virtio works now, and I can access my share from my desktop, using SAMBA. I set the mac address to the same as my Windows VM. Both won’t be opened at the same time.

Try loading Google’s Chrome site in macOS in VirtualBox

It’s slow as fuck. Can’t even download it, because it’s to slow to load it. Can’t scroll up either.

Search Google for the URL to download it. It’s on Google site.

Yup, Virtio won’t load because it’s not signed.

You can’t even install the latest Enoch bootloader.

Finally got the bootloader to open in QEMU, not using UEFI anymore. I had to run “echo 1 > /sys/module/kvm/parameters/ignore_msrs” in Linux, as root “sudo su”.

Not sure the installer will boot, it might be frozen. Also, I thought it was going to use Enoch, not Clover.

I need to remake the flash drive.

Interesting, you need a Mac to use QEMU. Cause you need the OSK key. You get that on a Mac. I have an old Mac, at my mom’s. To lazy to bring it home just to get a code. Oh wait, I can get it in VirtualBox. Maybe. Or do you need a real Mac?

I might already have the key. Need to delete it from this site, it might be illegal.

Tonka might be greeting other dogs

She’s barking because she wants to sniff them. We walked by a dog, she got close, stopped barking, and they were trying to sniff each other.

Hard to know what she’s doing, so I don’t let her.

Does kext-dev-mode=1 not work on AMD?

Maybe not. The bootloader won’t use it. Probably editing the wrong file. Going to erase the drive and reinstall. Is there a Mac app to make a AMD compatible USB drive? Then I can download macOS from Apple, and make my own.

All I want to do, is use the Virtio driver, that isn’t signed, because they are to lazy to release a signed package, they have a key.

I’ll never need a new camera now

Thanks to the Panasonic 25mm f1.7 lens. And that lens was actually cheaper then the camera, some of the lens are much more expensive.

I’d buy a Panasonic body though, their lenses are good, so their bodies are probably good too. I think Panasonic takes better videos too. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a video with my Olympus though. And it’s probably good enough anyways.

Reinstalling macOS

Clover won’t boot the installed system, it’ll boot the installer though. I had to install Clover to my USB drive, as it can’t install to the internal drive. Gets an error message. The USB drive still won’t boot without a virtual machine, or with QEMU.

Not sure I like macOS anymore though. I haven’t used it for so long, I forgot how to use it. Good thing I won’t ever be buying a Mac, unless I’m filthy rich and have a bunch of money to waste.

Clover installs now, but doesn’t actually work, it just boots directly.

Might need to format the drive, and reinstall again. It didn’t delete anything.

To get clover to open, you have to click delete while the virtual machine is booting, then tell it to boot the EFI hard disk.

How long does macOS take to boot in VirtualBox?

Probably won’t boot. The light isn’t blinking on the hub for the thumb drive. You can’t boot with whatever is on the USB’s EFI partition. Also, you have to disable the EFI for special OS in VirtualBox. Make sure you run “sudo gpasswd -a username vboxusers”. Then logout and back in.

If you add the partitions to separate vmdk files, it might try to boot. Got a kernel error though. Also, it won’t boot on my desktop directly, doesn’t show up in boot menu.

The first partition is messed up. It’s booting the second partition. Of course it doesn’t work.

They claim it supports Ryzen, only if your motherboard can boot BIOS, mine only does UEFI.

Redoing the flash drive, I most likely screwed it up.

“GPT PMBR size mismatch”

Says that, even after redoing it.

I fixed it by running “sudo gdisk /dev/sdf”, “r”, “w”, “y”.

And it gets a kernel error in VirtualBox. It reboots, and does the same thing. Might not need VirtualBox now though. Might work with the other one.

Finally got it to boot much farther. Looks to be somewhat slow at booting into the installer. There it is. You have to run the commands from here. Don’t run the first command, it won’t work if you do. But if you do run the first command, run

VBoxManage modifyvm "macOS" --cpuidremove 00000001

to delete it.

VBoxManage setextradata "macOS" "VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemProduct" "iMac11,3"
VBoxManage setextradata "macOS" "VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemVersion" "1.0"
VBoxManage setextradata "macOS" "VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiBoardProduct" "Iloveapple"
VBoxManage setextradata "macOS" "VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/GetKeyFromRealSMC" 1

Those are the commands. It’s obvious that you need to do something about the do not steal, as that’s what the kernel panic was about.

And it’s installing. I can’t sleep.

How is installing macOS to a PC stealing? Apple won’t sell you a license to install it on your PC. I’d pay, probably $400 for the privilege.

That link also has a file you can download, probably doesn’t work with AMD. I got the AMD DMG file from

Oh and replace macOS, with whatever the name of your virtual machine is.

It won’t boot in libvirt/QEMU, or my computer directly. I changed the bootloader to Clover, it just shows a MSI logo when booting without a virtual machine. Possibly because I have two video cards, I changed the input on my monitor, just a black screen on the other one. Removing a video card might work. Don’t have anything to install it directly on anyways.

Once it’s installed, and if it works, I can remake the flash drive in macOS. Maybe then I can get it working. That is directly, not in a virtual machine.

Why doesn’t it show a boot menu? It just boots directly into the installer, says you have to boot from USB the first time. It’s installed, and was ran. But I might not be able to boot it.

And it booted from the virtual drive.

It’s setting up my “Mac”.

Super slow, and there’s no Mac additions on the CD image. I think it already includes them. Now how do you make it usable? Apparently 8 cores isn’t enough, or 8 threads. So slow, I can’t login.

Removed the drive from the SATA controller, and added a NVMe controller, in VirtualBox, the virtual drive file is on a NVMe SSD. That might of killed it though. Yup, couldn’t find the root device. I’d have to reinstall, to much work.

Can’t move the mouse, or type my password. Maybe 3D acceleration doesn’t work.

Got the mouse to move, had to turn mouse integration off. How do I get the keyboard to work?

And setting cores to 8 might be a bad idea, it’s core, not threads. Nope, four cores, and you still can’t type.

USB 3.0 doesn’t work in macOS, you won’t be able to type if you enable it.


According to dmg2img, the DMG file from the macOS archive I downloaded is corrupt. So I can’t convert it. Might be because it is compatible with TransMac. Better boot Windows up then.

If it’s corrupted in Windows too, then I’ll have to download from the other URL.

Oh yeah, I can’t use USB 3 in my virtual machine, if you change it, it gets an error, that some port doesn’t exist. I’ll just add the /dev/whatever instead.

And TransMac only works with removable drives, so you’d have to use USB 2. Don’t want to wait that long. There’s another program called DMG Extractor. And that won’t do what I want. And it’s Windows only, the site said Linux too, it’s a liar.

Use the other DMGExtractor, it’s written in Java. Funny, that appears to work. No idea why dmg2img doesn’t work.

Can’t boot it. Going to download Clover. It might boot if you use bios, and not UEFI.

Reinstalling VirtualBox, since libvirt won’t work.

DSLR quality pictures as far as I can tell

A 25mm f1.7 lens takes good pictures. And the ISO only needs to be 200. The first picture I took of the cat is kind of dark. I increased the flash level.

That’s the only cat I like. He’s not a jerk, and he’s friendly like a dog. He doesn’t like dogs though. I probably wouldn’t ever take him home in the future, as he makes a big mess in the litter box. Also, the only place to put a litter box is in the bathroom. And he likes sitting on laps almost all the time. He just sleeps on your lap and purrs. He couldn’t sit on my lap where I spend most of my time, on the computer. Playing the PS4 might be a challenge if there’s a cat in your lap.

If you get a cat, adopt a smaller one from PetSmart. That might mean the litter box won’t be as disgusting. Unless they have the runs all the time.

He’d sleep on my bed, non like Tonka.

Walmart is a dick

They don’t have my waters in a pack, at the Walmart that you can order online and pickup. You have to get a bunch of individual ones. And then instead of putting them in a box, they put them in a bunch of bags. Lucky the bags didn’t break carrying them up. Some veins on my fingers turned purple. I forgot my cart.

The individual ones probably come in a pack, they just remove them. If nobody likes it, why is the flavor sold out on the weekends at the other Walmart?