Is that how you make a macOS Sierra USB drive in Windows?

There’s instructions to make your own hfs file here. To use with BootDiskUtility. I have to download macOS Sierra again, I didn’t copy the file anywhere when I restored my backup.

I don’t remember if I opened the InstallESD.dmg file.

Doesn’t work with macOS Sierra. They changed what’s in InstallESD.dmg. Now you need a Mac to make the thumb drive.

You might not need a Mac to get OS X on a thumb drive

BootDiskUtility might do it.

The recovery file I’m downloading is only around 400 MB. Must be downloading from Apple, it’s fast. If it was downloading from the RU site, it’d be slow.

It’s done, and making the thumb drive. And that’s done too it looks like. Does format do everything?

The second partition isn’t accessible in Windows, unless I install the HFS driver. I’ll just use a partition program to see if it says how much space is being used.

According to the partition program, it didn’t restore the recovery file. It’s doing that now.

USB 3.0 is nice.

You might want to disconnect all other USB drives, after you click one of the buttons it selects all the disks, luckily it only does whatever to the one you actually selected.

Now to reboot and see what happens.

Can’t install it, need another SSD to do that.


It doesn’t work. If I remember, I have to change some bios settings.

Good luck booting the OS X installer. I’ll try macOS after I get a new video card. If that won’t boot either, then I’ll save a hundred bucks on not having to buy another SSD.

Goodbye hackintosh

My Intel NUC won’t be a hackintosh anymore. I will be putting Ubuntu on it. OS X is to much of a pain on PCs. I’m not going to spend all my time trying to make something work that isn’t suppose to.

If Apple ever releases OS X for PCs, I might consider putting OS X on it. Probably not though, my Neat Image license is for the linux version only. Get another NUC, give the new one to linux, and the old one to OS X. You know Apple won’t release OS X for PCs. If they do it’ll cost more then Windows.

Retired Hackintosh

Seagate drive doesn’t show up, I reinstalled Paragon NTFS for Mac 14. It was showing up before, but I didn’t try writing to the drive. Didn’t show it in the Paragon NTFS for Mac in system preferences. Ethernet won’t get an IP anymore. So I turned it off. Plugged Seagate drive back into desktop. Need to reinstall Twonky in Windows now.

OS X is updated on hackintosh

But bluetooth doesn’t work. Guide didn’t say anything about that. Don’t know if I care enough to plug a USB keyboard and mouse into it. The light on my mouse and keyboard just keeps blinking. Should unplug my Seagate drive from it and plug it directly into desktop. Then the hackintosh can remain at the login screen forever.

Ahh, looks like USB doesn’t work. There was something about that on the hackintosh forum. My Seagate drive is inaccessible.

USB might be working. The light is on on the bluetooth adapter. So it looks like I’ll have to connect USB keyboard and mouse and remove the bluetooth keyboard and mouse and re add them.

Apple removed support for my USB bluetooth adapter in OS X 10.11. I plugged the one from my laptop into hackintosh and I have bluetooth now. The one that I was using with laptop is super old.

Time to upgrade hackintosh

Need to update Clover, and do some other stuff. Looks pretty easy.

4 GB downloaded so far. Clover is updated, copied the kexts to the 10.11 folder, and edited the config file.

Over 5 GB downloaded, almost done.

It’s installing. Had to turn it off before it booted back into OS X 10.10, needed to plug USB keyboard into it, so I could boot the installer. Might of had to re download it again if I booted back into the old OS X.

Paragon NTFS For Mac 14

Got my free upgrade to Paragon NTFS For Mac 14, I bought 12 sometime ago. Looks like it works on my hackintosh, with OS X 10.10.5 or something. Don’t know if I’ll upgrade to the next OS X, upgrading might be to complicated, that is if you have a hackintosh, upgrade should be fine on a real mac. Could replace it with a mac mini, but my Intel NUC is more powerful then the cheapest mac mini. I can also upgrade my NUC without any problems.

What happened to hackintosh?

Wake the screen up, black screen with a spinning beach ball. Can’t connect to the share on it. Looks like I might have to force it off. Linux would be more stable for a file server.

Forced it off. OS X is dead, kernel panic. Looks like it booted this time. Interesting.