Emulators work on the Lenovo N22 Chromebook

Install Ubuntu, using Crouton. Emulators won’t work if the sound isn’t, so purge pulseaudio and alsa-base, then install just alsa-base.

Kind of a slow Chromebook, but what do you expect for $140? The keyboard and touchpad are good quality. It has a nice texture on it.

Dell monitor looks better then the Lenovo’s screen, but the Dell monitor cost more then the Chromebook. And the brightness was turned down again.

Mupen64Plus FZ

That is the best Nintendo 64 emulator for the Amazon Fire TV.

Just change the settings, use the glide whatever, that’s the most accurate, not fast. Then change the controller settings. I could use my Moga controller. But I’m using an Xbox 360 controller.

Road Rash 64 works fine. Not everything shows up if you use the other two Mupen64Plus emulators, the donate version, and the other free one. Surprised the FZ version doesn’t have more downloads.

Looks like you can use a Nintendo 64 controller too, if you have a USB adapter.

It isn’t glitchy if you use the right settings. That’s what I heard running Nintendo 64 games on the Raspberry Pi is like. So I guess the Fire TV is better at that then the Pi.

I only tried one game though. I should buy the adapter for my Retrode 2. Probably still sold out though.

I might use the Mogo controller when I run out of space on my micro SD card. Do external drives work with the Fire TV?

Working Nestopia UE GTK+ 64 bit Windows build

I finally got OpenGL to work. Thanks to Google. You basically make a dummy window, and then kill the window after you make the real window. SDL is a pain apparently. The code can be found on Google.


I tested it with a public domain game, it appeared to work.

To open, open a command prompt, cmd, and then drag the exe to it. You might need the -e option too. You can also right click, send to desktop, to crate a shortcut, then right click the shortcut, and click properties, add a space -e at the end.

Nestopia UE GTK+ 3.0 64bit Windows build

Well, it compiled, and opens. But it doesn’t work. Missing Gsettings. Also no OpenGL support apparently.

Installing the GTK runtime. It’s a newer version of GTK. Probably won’t do anything though, it’s compiled statically. Didn’t do anything. Trying to compile the newer GTK+ with MXE. Got to compile a newer Glib.

I’m going to be tired at 9 am. Unless I get up, turn alarm off, and go back to bed.

The compressed size is only 21 MB. Uncompressed around 100 MB.

If you run it with -d rom, it works in console mode. Maybe I need to recompile without the console mode. If that doesn’t work, maybe I need -mwindows.

To compile it, you don’t need intelligence, just OCD. You’ll never give up. The secure whatever setting could of made it broken. That’s what Google told me to do. That’s the problem with not understanding code. You delete something you need, then you find a solution to a different problem.

I got the file opener to work, I needed to copy some files to it. In the share folder. Now how do I fix OpenGL?

Nestopia UE 64bit build Windows

It’s console only. I’ll see if they have git or something with the alpha Windows code. That has a GUI. Drag the exe to a command prompt, and then drag the ROM to it, put a space before you drag the ROM. I tested with a public domain ROM and it worked. Git doesn’t have anything different for Windows. Is it using GTK? I can’t compile it with static MXE. I’m not smart enough to bypass the undefined reference errors.


Maybe I’ll try to teach myself to write a GUI in something that works with shared MXE. Mostly copy and pasting, and changing it to the other libraries functions.