New Nintendo 2DS XL

Same as the New 3DS XL, just no 3D. Does it have a SD slot? If so, do you have to remove the back cover to access it? It might be immune to the hack though. I won’t buy it anyways. I already have the 3D one.

Looks like it comes with a micro SD card. That means you might have to unscrew the back to access it. Didn’t the old 3DS use SD cards? Even the old 2DS might use SD cards. That is full size SD cards, not micro.

I paid less then $150 for a used New Nintendo 3DS XL, the price went up shortly after I bought it. I might be able to get as much as I paid for it. Nope, only $110.

7th Dragon doesn’t have 3D?

Should be a 2DS game. I turned the 3D on to see if it had 3D. I don’t actually keep the 3D on though. It’ll wear your eyes out. You might go blind if you keep it on, unless you only play for 5 minutes a day.

3D works on the home screen.

Game already got to hard. You can turn the difficulty down in the settings. But I’ll be playing Battlefield 1.

7th Dragon III Code: VFD – Nintendo 3DS

Looks like Hourglass will dump straight to a CIA file, and it doesn’t take that long. Game is installing now. Then I’ll need to copy the CIA to my computer. It’ll be a while before I play it. I’m to lazy to unscrew the back of my N3DS, so I’ll use FTP.

To open Hourglass, hold start while turning 3DS on. Assuming you have the loader hack thing. I had to search Google for that, I forgot, since I haven’t turned my 3DS on for a long time.

I dump all my games, that way the cartridge stays in mint condition. The giant box the game came in is damaged, they don’t make it easy to get the game out of it. Now it’s ripped, I should probably throw the box out. Don’t plan on selling it anyways. It came with a giant instruction manual.

Only 36 GB free on my microSD card. Might have to delete some games eventually. That’s a bummer, I hoard digital stuff.

That’s one slow FTP program. Slower then my internet connection. Took a long time to list the files in the folder too. Says over eight hours. Might be better off using a screw driver.

Nintendo really doesn’t want you to remove the micro SD card. Pain to get the cover off, had to use a small straight screwdriver. Then one of the screws wouldn’t go back in, pressed down harder and it did, the little nut thing isn’t on the screw right, my hands are to big to fix it.

I need to move to Japan

Listen to the woman singing in the video for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD. I should buy the game, except it probably won’t have that song in it. Boohoo. Can’t understand it, but she sure does sound hot.

GameStop doesn’t apparently have the new game at any stores nearby. They might have a used copy, but they charge to much for the used one.

You can borrow the game on the internet, but I’ll pass. I prefer my own copy. I’ll be backing it up though, so I don’t have to use the cartridge to play it. That way the cartridge stays in mint condition. Sucks I’ll have to boot into Windows, to convert it to a CIA file.

The Surge is another game, I’ll need to buy.

Was going to cancel it. But the sale on PS4 games sucks, on the official store. Unless it shows something different on the PS4. I probably won’t play the 3DS game, maybe someday I will. Having video games on more then one system is a bad idea, you can only play one at a time. I don’t multitask. Unless she has a cock.

I don’t think homebrew will get 3DS games playing on the Switch, they’d have to make an emulator. If Nintendo releases digital 3DS games on the Switch, it might be possible to hack them, and make it run different games. I’d really want a Switch if it played 3DS games.

I have to own every JRPG game, at least the ones released in the US.

Will there be a successor to the N3DS?

Or is that what the Switch is? They might only have on console in the future, the Switch. How long till you can buy the Switch? Something said a couple of months, I’ll have enough money for one by then.

I like the size of the N3DS though. Smaller then a tablet.

3DS has arm9loaderhax installed

And the EmuNAND has been moved to the SysNAND. All my games still appear to be there too. It’s a long ass process.

You can find a guide for installing the hack here.

If you are using a N3DS, don’t put it to sleep until you restore your NAND backup, otherwise you’ll brick it apparently. Sleep works fine now, luckily, didn’t try it before I was done.

I missed the link for instructions to restore EmuNAND

I restored the sysNAND, which I didn’t need to do. Now I’m making a backup of the EmuNAND. Then I’m guessing I’ll restore it.

Instructions for moving the EmuNAND here. If you don’t have arm9loaderhax + Luma3DS installed, it won’t work.

Almost done, backing everything on SD card up. The backup speed is almost 100 MB/s, good for a micro SD card. The write speed is under 50 MB/s, so it’ll take a while to copy everything back.

A9LH might piss Nintendo off. That’s good, you still can’t buy the NES Classic Edition, don’t want it anyways. I mean buy for 60 bucks, the retail price, not the jacked up price on eBay.


Still trying to downgrade my N3DS. I accidentally updated it. All the other downgraders are outdated. The homebrew launcher doesn’t like opening. Using the Nintendo 3DS Sound hack.

You can find sysDowngrader here.

Doesn’t work, just exits. Probably can’t downgrade from the latest firmware. Doesn’t look like Luma will open either. Boohoo. How do I get my saves on the emuNAND?

Instructions for switching to sysNAND CFW here.