Is Boost Mobile really that bad?

I don’t care about reviewers from Florida, just like I don’t care about documentaries that are about people from Alabama.


Somebody on Amazon reminded me of Synergy, Barrier is a fork of it.

Vizio soundbar sucks

Probably the most expensive soundbar I’ve had. But it doesn’t fully power off when you turn it off. So you have to unplug the fucker, every time a nice “feat...

Tello doesn’t support 5G on iPhones

Getting my own cell service soon, most likely, her bill is almost $200 per month, and they didn’t lower it, like they said they would.

Damn heartburn

No puking from Thanksgiving yet, I ate less. But apparently eating pumpkin bread before bed, caused heartburn.

I’m royally screwed

Hell exists, and love is the point in everything. I don’t think loving only dogs will prevent you from going to Hell. Nor will being insane.

These Beats Studio Buds are nice

All I can hear with noise canceling on, is possibly my breathing, drinking, and keyboard. No traffic can be heard, or there isn’t any.


Well, that explained what the subconscious is, since my counselor nor doctor will tell me.

Beats Studio Buds

Ended up getting new earbuds, the Beats are only $100 right now. And they have a red color, the main reason I bought them. The regular Beats headphones, I th...

Lost 3.5 pounds

I must have had 3.5 pounds worth of shit in me, I shit a bunch yesterday, thanks to the fiber I ate.

My Echo Buds will do for now

I’d want headphones of some kind, with the low latency codec. Not sure the Apple TV supports that though. No idea if my TV has Bluetooth. I think you can use...

Am I getting a headache?

Might be constipated, if I don’t eat enough before bed, I don’t really shit in the morning. And I ate possibly too much cheese yesterday.

Got external subtitles working in Infuse

It only supports SRT, which is SubRip. Extracting subtitles with mkvextract will give you the format the subtitles are in the video file, doesn’t matter what...

Did I finally stop playing Wurm Online?

Well, maybe all video games. Watching TV is easier. The PS5 controller still isn’t charged, and that’s the first time after initially charging it, that I cha...

Why not get mad at Comcast right away?

Comcast is a dick, therefore I’m always mad at them. Her modem might be dead. They give you used junk, that’s why it’s not surprising. Her work internet work...

Safeway pickup not recommended

Apparently everybody in that department called in sick. Two and a half hours to get my order, so 7:30, and I think you can only pickup till 8 PM.

Internet went out earlier

Probably because I was downloading stuff. After I got it back up, I limited the download speed to 2 MB/s, it hasn’t went out again yet.

Sonarr works in openSUSE

Follow the instructions here, but download the generic Linux version from, unless you like the old Sonarr version.

Got the new Apple TV

No idea why it connected to the WiFi when setting it up, it was connected by ethernet, perhaps I didn’t wait long enough. It’s on ethernet, and you can’t get...

PS Power DC5000 uses 7.5v

It says the output is 12v. If I set my universal AC adapter to 12v, it doesn’t stay on. But does at 7.5v. I didn’t put a battery in, don’t think any need cha...

Xtar VC4

You can power it by USB, I have two four port USB charger things. Well, the one by desk is full, but the one in my room, probably has a free port.


You can embed videos from MEGA, but not images. Or I don’t know how to embed images. With a video, you just right click on it, and click embed.

Nice Best Buy has universal AC adapters

I had or have one, but I cut something on it, or one of the adapters, no idea what I did. Not enough amps on that old one anyways. Need a replacement for my ...

Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075

Fucking Tenergy rechargeable AAA batteries, apparently aren’t charged enough to power the new thermometer. I need to charge them. Did a while back, I think t...

MEGA works for me

They have an official Linux client, you don’t need to mess around with third party shit.