Probably won’t buy a OM-5

Apparently the weight of the OM-5 is the same as the E-M5 Mark III. And the Mark III has a tripod issue.

Power went out

Thought I was going to have to use my power station all night. But wasn’t out very long, like somebody flipped the switch, then flipped it back.


The pain in my mouth is mostly gone. The inside of my mouth might be numb, as this soda isn’t very cold. Hands might be numb too. Hmm, might just be fingers.


Wouldn’t recommend eating food that is too hot. The over the counter pain killer, only does so much, it gets rid of the other pain, not sure if I’m sick, or ...

Fastmail isn’t cheap

Is it worth it? Probably. If you want to use your own domains, and the iOS mail app, you have to pay at least $50 a year, it’s cheaper if you pay yearly. I’m...

Damn black screen when unlocking computer

Perhaps it’s actually fixed now, I deleted .cache, I still have the old cache on my other drive, but having that on that slow drive, can make KDE slow.

Goodbye Manjaro

I finally switched my Linux distro, it’s running openSUSE Tumbleweed now.

Perhaps I’ll switch to openSUSE

They have a rolling release. Linux Mint, apparently it’s recommended to do a clean install of every new version, like Debian. No thanks, too much work. That ...

Is beef jerky done or not?

Not as done as it was last time I made beef jerky, I tested the fattest piece on the second tray. I only used two trays. Or I think it’s the fattest one. I u...

Black screen problem is back

When unlocking my computer, the screen is black for longer then a second. Seems to happen either randomly, or the longer the display has been sleeping.

Safeway slow as fuck

My pickup was for 5 PM, it’s after 6 PM. Still not ready. She called them, and they said they’d text or call me. No text or call yet. But if they text from a...

Raspberry Pi boots again

Wouldn’t boot, rebooted the ethernet switch over there, that didn’t do anything either.

Probably a KDE bug

The black screen problem might be fixed. I think by basically toggling the login and logout desktop effects, it fixed it. It might be because I was using Way...

That’s hard to believe

Somebody on the Linux Mint forum, said if you don’t have enough free space on /, it can cause graphical problems. I only had 90% free I think. I’m too lazy a...

Manjaro or KDE bug or some other bug?

If my monitor goes to sleep, when I wake it up, and log back in, I get a black screen. The black screen doesn’t stay, almost like KDE crashed, and it’s resta...

Still crying about Tonka

She was in one of my dreams, so I ended up doing some serious crying about her. It delayed my shower, and it made my morning dump take longer.


If I reincarnate, which I probably will, and probably won’t have a choice, it’ll probably be so fast, I won’t even know it’s happening or happened.


Is my AMD RX 5500 XT defective? Wasn’t expecting much of an upgrade with a 6600. Glad I didn’t buy the 6650 XT for $265. It would be overkill.

Kidney infection

That’s why she was puking last night, and her stomach has been upset for a while.

They must be using Windows

All the people who say AMD’s drivers suck, must be using Windows. The open source Linux driver works fine for me.

No more WordPress

Took a while to get the archives links on the sidebar right, apparently doesn’t work. I just did it manually, by adding one to the index. If there ...

Switched back to Zyxel AP

There's no log with the TP-LINK consumer crap. Also, I think the Zyxel cost $150 when I bought it. I bought the TP-LINk, because my phone liked disconnecting...

SofaBaton U1

I got the "2022 Updated" one. All the buttons appear to work. Amazon lowered the price by ten dollars, before they even shipped it. Looks like you can't emai...

Can I resist buying a new GPU?

The price for the regular AMD RX 6600 is only $250, some even less from Newegg, with a coupon. Not much more then I paid for this one. But I think I want to ...

Got to love Amazon

May have bought something, and before I even got the shipping email, they lowered the price. I'm too lazy to email them. It might not work anyways, so I migh...

Good luck “cat fishing” me

I removed Skype from my computer. I don't enjoy talking to bots, or men pretending to be women. What is cat fishing though? Didn't watch the show. Something ...

Simply Static is a dick

Thought I cancelled it, but it started again all by itself. Using Local, I stopped the site. But of course, it started running as soon as I started it. The C...

Did my old Ruby on Rails site get hacked?

Redirecting a domain, that was a custom site made with Ruby on Rails to this domain, and there's suspicious crap in the log file. Obviously it won't work wit...