Why does my iPhone keep changing it’s name to iPhone-2?

Is that what iOS does if you connect to somebody’s WiFi, and there’s an iPhone named iPhone on the network? Lame feature.

If I change the name to assiPhone, will it stop changing the name?

I don’t have an Airport Extreme. So the bug is back? But now applies to all WiFi networks? Nice feature Apple.

Since Apple won’t let me use the name iPhone, without a 2 added to it, I changed the name, no more iPhone in the name. If it does it after this, then I guess I need a new phone. Or somebody is messing with my phone and/or WiFi.

The old iPhone isn’t logged into my account anymore. So it’s possible Apple is a dick, and won’t ever let any other iPhone you own be just “iPhone”.

My phone did disconnect from WiFi for some reason on the crapper. But not long enough for the AP to notice.