The blade weapon in Steelrising is better

No idea what it’s called, but if you suck at remembering to block, I wouldn’t recommend a heavy weapon. The medium weapons are better, well not the latest one I found.

I did get to Paris finally, but getting to the workshop isn’t going to be easy. I need a lot of potions or something. But by the time I almost get there, I have nothing left, or very little. Three big potion oil things, can’t recall if any were left when I almost got there. You have to upgrade that, to get more. And the other potions are slow, but you have to buy them. And it all uses the same thing for buying and upgrading. So pick upgrade, or potions.

And is it supposed to be open world? Cause I can’t go anywhere I want. They like forcing you to go a certain way.

If you like dying, Steelrising is for you. I probably died less in Greedfall, not even sure if I did. Probably the easiest setting though. Perhaps I should change to assist or whatever, and keep my upgrade/currency crap when I die.