Not sure it’s legal to download leaked GTA 6 videos

Well, it might be fine, as people say downloading movie demos and game demos is fine, it’s uploading that isn’t fine.

But based on them suing people that make cheats, I’ll have to avoid giving them money for any games again. They raided his home over cheats. Not talking about the guy that hacked them. Some other guy posting on the forum with the link to download the video, you need to use the archive site, as they deleted it.

Surprised the download site hasn’t removed it yet. If I was downloading it, I cancelled it.

You can stream the video, so kind of pointless downloading it. Well, I found a stream last night, it might be gone now, but a new one is probably up.

I should really cancel my server, if companies can get hacked, I’m screwed. I need to cancel my internet too. Remove SIM card from my phone as well. I’ll be completely disconnected from the world, you can’t call or message me anymore. Phone lines can probably be hacked too.

Hmm, maybe everybody should download it, so it can never be deleted. I think over a million people downloaded it so far. So good luck at taking it offline.