No live Earthfiles tonight

Looks like she caught COVID. Her video editor, is afraid of catching it, and hasn’t had boosters or something. So the live broadcast should return next week.

I think she was in Spain or something. At some event. So lots of people. More people = higher chance of catching COVID.

No idea if I ever caught COVID. If so, it doesn’t do much to me. I could be one of the people that can’t catch it. If that’s the case, I shouldn’t bother getting a booster when I can.

I have a different problem, I think this morning, I was having trouble breathing in bed. Didn’t want to get out of bed, then my breathing started acting up, and I still didn’t get out of bed. Well did at 10 AM or so. Maybe I was dreaming that. So I might still die before I’m old, not breathing for long enough results in death. They said I have no sleep apnea, or not bad enough for a machine. I might have eaten too much food before bed last night. Well, I ate too much food all day. Probably gained weight again.

Now to go shit again possibly. I’ve been shitting all day. That’s how I know I ate too much.