No idea how I used to play or like GTA

Most of my PS4 games are copied to PS5, but I tried playing GTA, and he walks and moves slow just like Red Dead Redemption.

Driving is fine, but moving sucks.

Or is it better on the PS4? I know Red Dead Redemption isn’t. Didn’t try it after the update finished downloading/installing.

I probably won’t buy the new GTA game either. Play Far Cry, and then GTA, and you’ll notice a problem.

The forum post with a leaked video of the next GTA game, got deleted. Can you tell from a video if the movement not driving sucks?

First video taken down, other video private. No video for me. How do I find the video? Need a site that doesn’t care about copyright.

I found one video. The full video is on one site, but age restricted, and won’t let me watch it, you probably have to login, not worth it. Found a longer video, boring as fuck though. Doesn’t look awful to me. Guess I’m not picky. Keep watching, might be the console version that looks worse. But the game dev version looks fine.

I’ll be buying it for her nice ass. The shitty movement on foot is fine, if there’s a nice ass to look at. Some of the dev videos look worse.

Will probably look fine when it comes out. Can she be naked? I want to see her ass without anything on it. I’ve seen enough of the video. Lots of dev work.

Glad I don’t make video games for a living.