Might need to switch my Linux distro on my desktop

KDE might have some weird glitches. Not to mention, I had to switch to Wayland, to keep using Firefox Flatpak, it’s all messed up in Xorg, could be fixed by now. Right now it’s showing the wrong cursor in Firefox. The grabbing one.

So perhaps I should rsync everything somewhere temporally, and then install something else. Use pacman to make a list of installed crap, can you exclude system crap? That is stuff included. Just want all the extra crap I installed.

No idea what distro I’d switch to though. There are other Arch Linux based distros. There’s Fedora Silverblue, but that might be a slight pain in the ass. I like the idea of everything running in a container though. But running Wurm Online in a container is kind of a pain. Not that I play it anymore on my desktop. I played it last night, all I did was groom my animals.

Oh the cursor got fixed somehow. Fedora Silverblue might be the most stable distro I’d switch to. Is there Jellyfin for Docker or something? I don’t use it much, but that’s how I stream my ripped movies to my TV.

How much space does / need for Fedora Silverblue? I need /home on it’s own partition, not doing so is a pain, as then when you switch distros, you have to copy everything somewhere else.

I’ll probably be lazy and keep the buggy Manjaro. I could switch to “unstable”, which is more like Arch. You get updates sooner. But it’s “unstable”.

And how do you do NFS shares in Fedora Silverblue? I think I edited /etc/fstab. And I need to edit that, for all my drives anyways.

Hmm, that would make backing up easy, if root is always the same, you don’t need to back that up. You only need to backup stuff that changes, like /home. But backing up everything isn’t hard, just tell it to backup /, and ignore all your other drives. Might use less space though.

Does OpenCL work in Fedora Silverblue? Not sure if you can run OpenCL in a container. I also need the thing from AMD that Stable Diffusion uses to use the GPU instead of my CPU.

You can edit /etc, so that means I can edit /etc/fstab.

Good luck finding how to install OpenCL in Fedora Silverblue, or Podman. No idea if it works in Podman, and when searching, I find nothing related to Podman and OpenCL. Looks like AMD doesn’t officially support Fedora. There is a package, but for regular Fedora.

Too much work searching, so it looks like I’ll stick to Arch based distros. Probably just wait for Manjaro to update a bunch of crap again, and hope it makes KDE less glitchy.