Maybe I’ll buy a new GPU for my desktop soon

You can apparently get a AMD RX 6600 for $260 on Amazon. It’s still on my wish list. Looks like the 6650 XT price went up.

Don’t really need a new GPU though. I think Stable Diffusion likes 10 GB or more of VRAM, so getting another 8 GB GPU, might not do much for Stable Diffusion.

If I play PC games, it’s on my Steam Deck now. Haven’t been using it though.

Apparently one coin had some merge, and now GPU mining isn’t profitable. How long till the 6650 XT goes down in price? That’s better then the 6600. Not sure it’s $160 better though.

Might as well only buy GPUs for under $300. Or $300 max. Even if this GPU dies, I have extra ones, perhaps I’ll never need to buy one then. I don’t want any of the future new GPUs, at least not from AMD, they will use more power, probably NVIDIA will use more power too. Don’t use NVIDIA shit anyways, I ain’t messing with their driver. Maybe Intel will be the future of less power GPUs.

Using more power, means the GPU will probably be hotter, and possibly make everything else in your case hotter. Then again, they might require water cooling. I don’t want a leak in my computer.

Looks like old less power GPUs for me. You’d think they’d lower the power usage on new GPUs, guess not.