Look at all the bad reviews on Saints Row

The price is still too high, for an Epic crap exclusive on the PC. Even if I get the console version, I won’t pay full price, as they took Epic shit’s bribe. I won’t use Epic shit on my Steam Deck or desktop.

If the game is never on Steam, well, that’ll save me money. Even though I’d probably buy the console version. Except, since I’d get the disc, more likely to be cheaper, no online play if I ever wanted to go online. Too cheap to pay for Sony’s membership to play games online.

Microsoft generally keeps all games at the $60 price point, even really old games. Unless there’s a sale. I probably won’t buy anything new for the Xbox, well maybe if there’s another new expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online. My Series S doesn’t have a disc drive. So no cheap games for me.

Hmm, isn’t Epic suing Apple? I think Epic is just butt hurt they aren’t the gatekeeper of Apple devices. They think Apple should be forced to allow third party app stores, and payment processors, but they don’t think PC games should be allowed on multiple stores. You could call them hypocrites.

There might be a game demo available for the PC version. I’m too lazy to look. And I have plenty of other games to play.