If only I knew her name

Well, probably wouldn’t do any good. The lady from the nut house, she kept asking if I’d be there Monday. I didn’t know, and it turns out I wasn’t. Does she still work there? If so, I should go to the nut house again.

Maybe they can teach me some anger management. Or teach me how to let go, so I don’t stay mad permanently. I don’t think they can teach you to let go though. You have to do it yourself, and nobody can convince me to let go of anything. Tonka may have tried, and that didn’t work either. God probably can’t get me to let go either. That probably means reincarnation for me. Either that, or trapped here, in no body, until I let go.

Now if I get a memory loss thing, I’ll probably let go, because I won’t remember anything. So there won’t be anything to hold onto.

Dating somebody that works at the nut house, is more likely to work out, if you are insane. If you date somebody that doesn’t work in the mental health field, they’ll probably dump you.