Copying the last game to PS5

Two games I’m not copying. The guitar learning game and The Elder Scrolls Online. Perhaps I should as I’m a data hoarder. Some of the games I’m copying I beat. But I do get the PS5 Greedfall for free. Perhaps I’ll play it again.

And speaking of The Elder Scrolls Online, does the Xbox version work yet? Thanks to Microsoft’s shitty servers it’s down. I don’t see the point in copying that to PS5. I don’t have a subscription to play it online. And my character I want is on Xbox.

I don’t intend to pay for online for both consoles. The PS5 gets to be for offline games. Hopefully I don’t want the disc of any online games. Cause my Xbox has no disc drive. But if I don’t pay for Wurm Online I can pay for the subscription on the PS5. Except I’d rather save that money. For something else.