Wurm Online Old UI is gone

So it's not possible to play on the Steam Deck anymore, using the launcher from their site. I may never play it again then. I only play PC games on my Steam Deck. I'm not switching Linux distros, so no Wurm Online for me.

Thanks for removing the old UI.

It gets a Null error, if you try to use the Live UI.

There is something about libcups not being available, not sure why you need that for a game. I'm too lazy to do anything about it. I could install it to a folder in my /home, and use the environment variable to tell it where it is. But why would that cause it to crash?

Does the Windows version work?

I got libcups installed, using pacman -r /home/deck/libs. But now I get "error: no function with name 'texture2D'". Need to try in Game Mode, and I'm looking up the error. Looks like that's an old function. Don't download libcups from Arch Linux, the included glibc or whatever is too old on the Steam Deck.

Full instructions may come if I get it working. But it's in your home folder, so updates won't wipe it out.

AO is already disabled. Let me try on my desktop, to see if it's dead on it too. Hmm, the old UI showed on my desktop. It's gone now, after updating. Works on desktop. I'll try copying my config from desktop to it.

It works now, so it looks like the config was messed up. At least it works in desktop mode.

mkdir -p /home/deck/libs/var/lib/pacman
cp -aR /var/lib/pacman/ /home/deck/libs/var/lib/pacman
sudo pacman-key --init
sudo pacman-key --populate archlinux
sudo pacman -r /home/deck/libs -Sc
sudo pacman -r /home/deck/libs -Su
sudo pacman -r /home/deck/libs -S libcups
chmod +x wurm.sh

I assume you already ran passwd.

You need a script to add /home/deck/libs/lib to the library folder. Guess I should have copied the wurm.sh file to my desktop. I will after I test Wurm Online in Game Mode.

Oh and who knows if those are all the commands I used, I got a bad memory. I'll upload my config for Wurm and the SH file to my Nextcloud, after I get the wurm.sh file.

Then again, anybody that knows Linux, can get it to work. You might have to redo the key commands after updates. And instead of "pacman -Su", you could run "pacman -Syyu".

There doesn't appear to be anything in gamesettings.txt, that I shouldn't share.

Wurm Online files for Steam Deck (gamesettings.txt and wurm.sh)

The sh file on my Deck doesn't have #!/usr/bin/bash at the top, I don't have it memorized, I added it though to the file I uploaded.

So if the commands are right, you should be able to get Wurm Online working on the Steam Deck. The launcher from their site.

Oh and the text is way bigger now, nice config file. You can change that if it's too big. Before I could barely read anything, with the old UI.

I'm not uploading the entire libs folder, that would take a while probably. Now, I might move it to the micro SD card, if I need to install more stuff. Just move it and do "ln -s". Does the mount folder for the micro SD card ever change? Perhaps just set it up on the micro SD card to begin with.

You can change the paths in the commands.

But I have a 64 GB Steam Deck, and enough room, probably barely, so you should be fine.

Not a full how to, you need to download the launcher from their site, and extract it to the home folder. You might need to launch once, so it creates the other wurm folder, and you can copy the config to it.

You can add the script file to Steam, in desktop mode, and then launch it in Game Mode. I just changed the Target for the launcher, I didn't want to redo my controller config. And I used to need the Steam Linux Soldier Runtime. Since it runs in desktop mode in a terminal, that might not be needed anymore.

Oh and no humans read this site, so nobody will see this. So most people will think you can't run Wurm Online on the Steam Deck.

It's Linux, therefore anything is possible.

You might not want to run ./wurm.sh, as if you don't run from Steam, you need a keyboard to get out of it. Or maybe you can use the virtual keyboard, I just clicked ESC on a real one. And you need Steam if you actually want to play with the controller.

Does podman work with the -r option? And SteamOS isn't a real man's distro. What the fuck is a real man's distro? If you have root, you can do anything, it just might be time consuming and/or hard.

Hell, you could compile for it from something else. If you had to.

Added "-r /home/deck/libs" to two of the pacman commands, that kind of need it, most likely. That's memory for you.

Hmm does it work without installing libcups? I must have edited the config on the Deck wrong, as my config from desktop works fine. Should have tried launching with just the working config. But according to the log, it looked like it needed libcups. But I don't recall if the non existing function error was there or not. If not, it probably didn't get that far.

I should install Lutris using the above method, and see if Just Cause 3 will work. It doesn't work with any Proton or Wine version, but it works on my desktop with the same Proton version. A different distro might fix it, but then you don't get Game Mode.