Podman could be better then Docker

Didn’t Docker change their license or some crap? So put CyberPanel in Podman instead.

If you are going to switch your server, perhaps use no control panel. That will be a slight pain in the ass though. If the server software changes something, you might be forced to edit your config file.

And you can test the theory that Apache is slow, by using Apache. Somebody said control panels just configure it wrong. What makes you think I’ll configure anything right?

I had issues getting Lighttpd working once. Can’t recall what the problem was. Something must have stopped working, so switched to NGINX, instead of trying to fix it anymore. Maybe an update killed it. Think it was for a static site. That no longer exists, it was a status site. I don’t intend on paying for another server, so there’s no status site anymore. If the server goes down, enjoy knowing nothing, I probably won’t know anything either. Unless I’m switching to Podman.

Is the site supposed to be faster? No idea, I didn’t change the CPU limit script, still limiting each process to 10%. It has more RAM, but still limited to 10% CPU for each process. I should lower it to 1% though. That way if there’s 50 misbehaving services, it’ll only use 50% CPU. And might make it so slow, the bots go away. The plan says the average CPU should only be 50% max.

Health care’s site is so slow, I think I’ll logout, or just close the tab, logging out might take days. They keep sending me crap in the mail, apparently they offer more stuff. Was trying to see if their site says anything about it. Guess their site is too slow to use.