OpenLiteSpeed crashed again

Why? No idea. Out of RAM? CPU throttling script making it crap out? Who knows. Luckily, I can restart it, without SSH.

Need to configure Monit to restart it, otherwise it might crash while sleeping, and Nextcloud won’t continue uploading.

Did the CPU limit script crap out? The CPU shouldn’t be 100%.

Logged in by SSH, it isn’t 100%. So CyberPanel might be a liar. Restarting CyberPanel. Still says 100% CPU. Time to check BuyVM’s control panel.

Does top not show Docker? Not 100% anymore. Went down before I logged into BuyVM.

Logged into BuyVM, it was really 100% or close to 100%. Hmm, why didn’t top say that?

All you have to do to crash OpenLiteSpeed is go to Nextcloud, view a folder with photos, and eventually it’ll crash. Probably because it’s using 100% CPU, and then it gets throttled, then it crashes.

Need to see if I can limit the Docker containers, so maybe the script won’t need to, or I can get rid of it.