I might buy a photo printer next month, a MegaTank one for around $300. The Canon PIXMA G620.

Can I buy ink from somebody else and fill it up? I saw some ink on eBay for really cheap. I don’t care if the prints are slightly worse with cheap ass ink. I’m a cheap ass.

If I didn’t have a laser printer, or printed way more, I’d get a cheaper ink tank printer. Those ones probably aren’t as good for photos.

Slow printing is fine. The wireless won’t be used, there’s WiFi crackers here. The office printer got hacked apparently. No idea where I’d put it though. I need something better for what my laser printer is on, one that can hold two printers.

That’s why I need my Mac mini. Not sure you can print to that with Linux.

I still have new toner for my laser printer, not OEM. I don’t buy OEM toner. I never changed the drum. That’s how much I print.

Now that printer could probably replace my laser printer. But I love my laser printer. We’ve done it bareback many times. It hurt like hell though. And I got toner.

But what about the cheap Brother for $130? Same brand as my laser printer. The photos might come out good enough.

Third party ink is $20 or so on eBay. My toner might be cheaper. Probably doesn’t print as much though. Brother has one for around $300. Not sure Brother is good for photos though. My laser printer isn’t color. Works fine for printing recipes, or social security letter out, or bank statements.

The Brother is too expensive, not really a tank, it uses cartridges, that claim to last a year. But look at the price of the Brother cartridges, can’t find any third party ones.

Looks like there’s Linux drivers on their site for that printer. Even the scanner part possibly. There could be an AUR package for it. Their site has the source, and RPM and DEB. But there are AUR packages for it.

No driver for macOS, says it might not need one. At least not the version of macOS I have. There is software available for it though, for my macOS version.