Maybe I’m getting taller

I apparently gained weight last week. But my stomach is getting smaller, the fanny pack even farther down today.

That’s with no exercise. It’s called the no snack diet. Unless I make beef jerky, but I only go to the store once a week. I won’t get meat from the store I got it last time from, they said they don’t have enough staff to cut meat. So I got slightly under one pound, wanted two pounds.

I should probably go on a no meat diet next. Don’t ask me why I bought a food dehydrator if I do that.

My pants seemed tighter then they should be though. So maybe the fat is just moving somewhere else. Good enough for me. Can it move to my head, that is where my brain is? So it looks like I have a giant brain? But really it’s a giant brain tumor.

Also, seem to be shitting too much. If I was eating less, I should be shitting less. That is once a day or less, not two or three times a day.

Hmm, maybe my stomach was full of shit. And it all came out.