If MakeMKV has a bunch of drive errors

Try closing it, then killing makemkvcon, and then restarting the drive, mine is in an enclosure, so I just turned it off and back on.

Can’t recall the exact error. It’s probably in my search history.

Now it’s ripping The Bob’s Burgers Movie. Thought I got a bad disc from Best Buy. Going to have to turn the Mac mini on, to make the file smaller, it might be faster at doing that then my desktop.

The ripped movies are for personal use, I don’t have a UHD Blu-ray player. Just a drive that can read and rip em. I stream it to my Apple TV.

It would be surprising if that drive was actually dead. It’s barely been used.

Hmm, I wonder if two makemkvcon processes were running, that could be what the problem was. Clicking the cancel button on opening the UHD Blu-ray, doesn’t work. My outgoing firewall blocked it from downloading the hashed keys, so it couldn’t open the Blu-ray before, and then the program crashed. Didn’t check if any makemkv processes were still running after it crashed.

I think I had to use a WinPE or some Windows live crap, to downgrade the firmware or something on this drive. That is live, like how most Linux distros are. You can use without installing it. If I have to ever buy a new drive, and need to do something like that again, it’ll suck. I don’t like using Windows.

What will be after Blu-ray? Just a new Blu-ray? Well, I’ll need a new drive. Buy the first drive that you can rip from, and it might come with old firmware.

Mac mini not that fast, under 20 FPS, using VideoToolbox in HandBrake, H265 10 Bit, non 10 Bit is just as slow. Software encoding even slower. Desktop could be faster. I won’t be watching it till tomorrow it looks like. Don’t think I can use the GPU in HandBrake on my desktop, unless they added AMD GPU support to the Linux version.