I thought the App Store was safer?

Apple can't even review apps correctly, as a scam app was hijacking ad accounts for Facebook.

Really, they can't spot scam apps? So they are liars, when they say it's safer. It's as shitty as downloading from a web browser.

Maybe the government will tell Apple, that those who pay for a device, can do whatever they want with it, including downloading apps from other sources.

If the device isn't free, they don't have the right to tell me, what I can or can't do.

Google isn't a better option, they charge you for a phone, and then sell your data. Google's phones should be free. And Apple's should as well, since it's locked down so much. It's not really a computer in your pocket, since you can't run whatever you want. If you paid for it, you should be allowed to install malware, that steals all your money.