How are you supposed to vacuum seal liquid?

Apparently some containers, and their vacuum thing, it’ll suck the liquid out as well.

Not sure if the FoodSaver containers do. The other containers, they claim only work with their brand of vacuum thing.

I’ll probably get the reusable zip lock bags, possibly not for liquid though. Maybe I’ll use em for beef jerky. Is a quart or a gallon bigger? I’ll ask my mom tomorrow.

If I’m making somebody else beef jerky, I won’t use reusable bags. Or maybe they’ll buy some, and I can put the jerky in it for them. You wash them in the sink, like a dish.

Now if I don’t know the person, that the jerky is for, I’ll just use non reusable bags. I have an entire roll of bags.

I don’t need more bags yet. I need to know if liquid, like chicken chili can go in it. Look at the reviews for the reusable zip lock bags, that is the bad reviews. Apparently the bags break if you try opening it and it’s frozen. Only three bad reviews though. Bad bags?

Be cheap and buy some cheap brand of bags and/or rolls. Not reusable ones, don’t know if anybody else makes those. Perhaps there’s better bags for chili.