Haha, and people think antidepressants are a good treatment for depression

It’s a good way for the legal drug companies to make money off a person their entire life. It only treats the symptoms, not the cause of the problem. That’s pretty shitty in my eyes.

The research they are currently doing on psychedelics, is promising for lots of stuff, as it treats the actual source of your problem. There was research before the dicks made it illegal too, that was promising as well.

You’d think the government would want such a drug, as then they don’t have to pay for people legal drugs for the rest of their life, or give them disability.

But then again, they’d probably have no affect on me. I’d take it and nothing would happen.

And how come the drugs I take are legal? They should outlaw all or none.

There is one, that can kill you. But it might depend strictly on the person, and possibly their soul. But if you’re an Atheist, you don’t have a soul. So I guess, the drugs wouldn’t do anything for an Atheist. Or they might no longer be an Atheist.

She claims they claim depression isn’t caused by an in balance of chemicals in the brain. So it must be an illusion. Souls don’t exist according to Atheists.

It’s funny how so many people don’t like the idea of reincarnation. I didn’t at first, but then decided it’s not something worth caring about anymore. You really think you have any control over what happens after you die? Unless you are given a choice, you have no control.

There’s also a lot of options if reincarnation is what happens, like it might not happen until everybody you know dies. If your family goes on for a long ass time, I guess you might not reincarnate for a long ass time.

Or maybe all humans reincarnate at the same time. But that doesn’t make sense, as people keep making babies. If we all came from the same light, how can the light keep making more light?

Reincarnation can make more sense, as why should more consciousnesses be made if that’s even possible?