FoodSaver FM2000 Vacuum Sealer Starter System with Bags

I bought that and FoodSaver Microwavable Meal Prep Bags, for FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers, 1 Quart, 16 Ct. yesterday from Walmart, for a pickup. Didn’t want to wait for Amazon’s slow shipping.

I finally got the vacuum sealer to work. The instructions aren’t written for idiots. You put the opening over the crumb catcher thing. You don’t push the bag all the way back into the machine, as far as it’ll go.

I did waste one of the bags, I got it sealed finally, but the part you tear off for after microwaving, got torn. So it wasn’t completely sealed anymore. Or do you tear it open when cooking? I’ll have to read it again, when I do that. Doesn’t seem to say how long to cook it, it’ll be rice and chicken chili. Can you put liquid stuff in those bags? Well, I’ll find out later. Put the chili in the fridge too, to cool it down.

I think part of my problem, was the rice was hot. The microwave bags might think you are cooking, if you put something hot in it.

Lucky I only messed up one bag.

I had to put the machine on the table, I moved stuff. Some of the boxes I’m throwing out. But the accessories for my computer case, I should probably keep. I put it on top of my RC car box. Think I should throw that RC car box out, and put a shelf there. Then a bunch of stuff on the table can be moved and put away.

Or throw boxes in my closet away, and put stuff in there.

Oh I think it came with the accessory hose thing. Looked like some of them it doesn’t come with. Or is it just that one for I think $100 or more that didn’t come with it? Apparently the cheaper one comes with it. Putting chili in a container would be better. But I don’t have any for the vacuum sealer.

The instructions said nothing about hot food. Or maybe it does somewhere else in the instructions. I tried it, and had issues.

No more frozen food from the store for me. Well, maybe french fries, and tater tots. And ice cream.

So with a container, I can freeze yogurt? Cook a pizza, and freeze the leftovers.

If only I had a standalone freezer. Not really enough room for one.

If I had the vacuum sealer, when I had a caregiver, they could had made me a bunch of food, and freezed it.

You need space for the machine and the bag of food. I guess you could try holding the bag. If it moves at all, it’ll mess up. The only spot that might have enough room on the counter, is where the food dehydrator is. I’m not moving that.

Takes a long time, it wouldn’t seal the last bag. I had to reseal the bags in the freezer, except for one. The one with only rice, might have been the easiest. Apparently something doesn’t like liquid, is it the machine or the bags? Well, the ones in freezer, I was able to reseal easily. Just the last fucking bag wouldn’t seal. So I started doing the vacuum and seal button, then waiting 20 seconds and clicking seal, two or three more times. Still didn’t seal properly, so had to repeat.

I might have to buy containers for it. But I need one serving size containers, as that’s why I bought those bags, so I’m more aware of how much I’m eating. Instead of filling a plate up.

I think you put the bag right at the edge of the drip thing, not over it.

I didn’t actually wash the drip thing, just rinsed it out. I was using a paper towel to wipe stuff off the machine, but then realized that might be a bad idea, it might light it on fire. So when I was done, I used a washcloth, like I use for the Instant Pot lid.

If you take the rubber thing off the top, it’s easier to wipe off.

I don’t think a caregiver would have enough time to seal the food, unless it’s not chili, then maybe.

For $90 or whatever, it should seal chili. Or was it not cool enough? Next time, I’ll leave it in fridge longer. It was slightly warm I think.

Somebody said to freeze liquid stuff, then seal it. Not sure which vacuum sealer that was though. I’d need a lot of one serving containers to freeze, and then remove and put in bag and seal. Makes more sense to just buy containers for that purpose. Containers probably cost more then around $11 for 16. I got I think 16 bags for around $11.

Not so great picture of the rice in a vacuum sealed back. Should have removed it from freezer. The flash does make some photos better, like indoor ones. You can’t tell what you are looking at, that’s what’s wrong with the photo.