Did macOS 12.5 fix the systemstats memory leak?

Maybe. The cron job is still in the cron job file to kill that process though. Just commented it out. Looks like it’s only running once an hour, and it currently isn’t using much RAM.

I won’t be updating to the next macOS version right away. If ever. I don’t like memory leaks with only 8 GB of RAM, as it uses the SWAP, and kills the soldered SSD.

I should have got more RAM, instead of more space. Or better, maybe not have wasted money on one in the first place. My desktop has 32 GB of RAM , the RAM is slower, but who cares. The upgrade parts, cost about the same as the Mac mini, if I bought RAM too, that’s a better deal. You’d think a Mac for 1k would come with more RAM. But Apple is a fucking greedy asshole.

I might finally be able to use my 1k Mac mini. Apple should really test their software better.

Looks like it’s fixed, Mac mini was on all night, and systemstats is using barely any RAM. Sleep might be disabled.