Xbox is a dick

No audio when I did the Play Xbox activity on my Logitech remote. I had to toggle the input on the soundbar.

After I was done, and turned it off, I clicked the Apple TV activity, and there was sound.

I thought it was broken again. Possibly not, just the Xbox being a dick. Should have tried rebooting the Xbox.

It’s possible my soundbar and the new switch don’t like each other. You can automate the fix probably, on the Logitech remote, tell it to change to the eARC input, and back to the HDMI IN input.

I need to try unplugging the HDMI cable going from switch to soundbar when there’s no sound. If that fixes it, it might be the switch and/or soundbar.

Hard to believe it’s the cable, the one going from the switch to the soundbar, is an expensive Belkin cable. Too lazy to switch cables around. Unless it’s too long.