WPA3 does indeed work on Steam Decck

Or whatever the 5 GHz is set to. I was using the wrong password. For some reason setting it to WPA3 personal doesn’t work on the Steam Deck. But works with WPA2. The AP is set to WPPA2/WPA3 but with SAE or whatever selected. Maybe it isn’t true WPA3.

And the Steam Deck seems to be fixed, drained to 30%, and it never shutdown. It’s charging now. Was on 2.4 GHz for a lot of the time. Until I realized I entered the wrong password.

Go into desktop mode, and click the WiFi icon, then paste password and click connect, don’t click enter on your Bluetooth keyboard, or enter, without making sure the correct WiFi is selected. I gave somebody an old password. That’s how I noticed it was wrong, went to the AP to change the password, looked at the password it has, and it wasn’t what I pasted.

I should delete that old password. But I’m a hoarder, so I’ll pass.

Well worth $400. Better buy then my iPhone 13 mini. I just need a laptop shell for it.