Why is stuff on the Apple TV not very loud anymore?

Probably the shitty firmware on the soundbar. I tried every EQ, and it doesn’t matter. Just saw something fly in front of my monitor, fucking flies.

Is there another update for it? I might need it. Except, I think it was fine right after the update. It’s plugged directly into the soundbar, so the TV firmware shouldn’t matter.

Fucking fly is on monitor now.

Don’t think the Apple TV updated anytime recently. The TV is the only thing that has. But why would that matter for something plugged directly into the soundbar? The setting I thought my help on the TV, did nothing, as expected.

The Xbox is loud enough, over eARC.

There’s a dialogue setting if you click level on the remote it came with. It was all the way down, all the way up might be too loud. Guess I should test it.

It might be fine now. No idea if anything I did changed anything, or if it just fixed itself. True Volume or whatever might have been on, turned that off. Was it on or off before the firmware update? No idea, probably the default. That is under effect on the remote.

And you want True Volume on, if it isn’t loud enough. So last night I turned it off, and it was already off. After getting the fucking remote it came with to work, I turned it on, just to see the volume with it on. And it’s way louder. Does it use the same settings for all inputs? The Xbox might not need it for some reason. Or it already is enabled.

The Xbox was too loud, had to turn the volume down. Sucks you can’t have different settings for different inputs.

And why is it so quiet without True Volume on?