What’s the point in Amazon Prime?

Pretty sure I’m still on her Prime. Yet, something I ordered on the 22, still hasn’t shipped. I guess they’d rather your package arrives late then early. Other places would rather you get it early.

Waiting until the day it’s supposed to come to ship, means you won’t be getting it that day. Even if they ship it a day before, you probably still won’t get it that day. As there might be a delay with the shipper.

So I’m guessing it’ll take a week or longer since I ordered my stuff to get it.

Maybe if you don’t have your own Prime, they make you wait longer. Either way, I probably won’t buy anything on Amazon again. If I ever buy a new GPU, I’ll order from Newegg most likely.

Oh and they took my money already. Usually they charge you right before they ship it. Can I still cancel the stuff I ordered? It would take even longer to get it probably if I did that, but at least Amazon will get the picture, I don’t like being charged, and them not shipping it.