Veloren is free and open source, looks like Minecraft.

Then again, you could say better looking then Minecraft.

There’s a Flatpak, so should work on the Steam Deck.

Can’t run a server, my server doesn’t have dedicated CPU. That might get me throttled or suspended. I’m too cheap to pay for a dedicated CPU server, my current server is only around $8, I was confused, thought it was supposed to be $20 or so, but that was the old server.

Says it works on the Raspberry Pi. What’s the name of that possibly crappy host offering dedicated Raspberry Pis? You don’t need DDoS protection, or I mean I don’t, just use a tunnel from this server, to the other one, this server has DDoS protection.

My upload speed is too shitty to host it on my local Pi. Unless you want to really limit the number of players. And don’t want to use your upload for anything else. Well, I do have QoS enabled, so the server might get laggy. And can I make a tunnel without opening ports? That is on my end, the server will need the port opened. Could put it in a VM on my desktop.

Too much work. Don’t even know if I like the game.

Now to go shit again, guess it didn’t all want to come out last time.