Surprised my air purifier doesn’t need a new filter yet

I don’t use the app, as it won’t stay on WiFi, or reconnect if it gets disconnected, without unplugging it for 30 seconds. I thought a light was supposed to turn on it, when the filter needs to be replaced.

The filter was bought November 1, 2021. Perhaps I should just replace the whole thing. Since it won’t tell me when to change the filter, without the app. I’d use the app, if I didn’t have to unplug it all the time to get it to reconnect.

Turned it off, well didn’t unplug it, so probably not completely off. Probably isn’t good to run it with a dirty filter. It refuses to tell me to change the filter, so I never bought another filter. They cost $50, so it’ll have to wait. I haven’t been vacuuming it either.

A review says they had WiFi issues, finally got a replacement, and that fixed it. Sending it back is a hassle. The reason I didn’t. Also, their issue could have been worse. Mine can stay connected for a week or longer, until I have to fiddle with it.