SteamOS isn’t a real man’s distro?

What’s a real man’s distro? SteamOS is based on Arch Linux. No reason for me to replace the distro on it. I didn’t read anything they posted, just saw the title on Reddit. Was trying to find why Just Cause 3 doesn’t work, when it says it should. You need Proton GE apparently.

You can make the root writable, but I don’t see the point. Flatpaks work for me.

If I switched distros on my desktop, it would be Fedora Silverblue. Running everything with Flatpaks and/or Podman is more secure.

So Arch Linux isn’t a real man’s distro?

You might not be able to run WireGuard in a container though. And my outgoing firewall wouldn’t work in a container. Hmm, the outgoing firewall might be semi useless if everything is in a container. Unless you can allow based on IP or domain. Otherwise, you’ll probably allow the container, and all the containers will possibly be allowed then, and everything running in it, like malware. You need to filter based on IP.