Steam Deck might not be defective

It said the battery error, about low battery and shutting down again yesterday. Not sure if it was a WiFi problem, or a calibration problem, or an actual battery problem.

One point, it said 0%, when it was around 20% or more before it shutdown. That would indicate battery or calibration problem.

Well, today, I drained it to 13% or so, and it never shutdown. I think I had to go take another dump, so plugged it in. Diarrhea four times so far. Painful too. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend anal sex.

Leaving it plugged in until two games download, Guild Wars 2, and The Sims 4. If you want Lutris to work, don’t just install it from Discover, there’s a command you need to run to install some stuff it needs, or the installer for your game will never open. Go to the Git whatever for the Flatpak Lutris. I’m too lazy to find a link, saw the link on their forum.

Oh and it can add a shortcut to Steam, so it shows in Gaming Mode. Nice feature, it still uses Lutris and whatever runner it’s set to use.

I also learned the hard way, don’t change the name of a game manually added to Steam, if you changed the controller config, as that config won’t be used anymore. I changed the name back, as I’m not reconfiguring it. Luckily that got the config back for it.

I got it to run cooler, by limiting the FPS to 40, and the refresh rate to 40, and the power to 8 watts. And also not using the new fan control. The loud fan control is better, it runs cooler. Not sure the other settings are doing much for the battery life though. You can’t limit the refresh rate to 30. You can limit the FPS to that though. But I want them to be the same. Why would you limit the FPS to 10? That would probably suck.

Lucky, the Steam Deck said my ELEX save was corrupted. Opened the game on my desktop, and it loaded the save. So I made another save, to make sure it would upload it to Steam’s broken cloud. Said I’m using I think around 11 MB now, was 0 before.

What’s the point in their cloud save thing if it doesn’t keep saves? Or corrupts them?