Steam Deck might be fixed

Looks like reinstalling SteamOS, might have fixed it. Drained to around 80%, and hasn’t said anything about the battery and shutting down.

I wasn’t using it, as I was doing my video appointment. Everything finished downloading. Hopefully the update didn’t break it again.

Going to run Geekbench on it now. Then turn it off, almost dinner time. Doesn’t need to drain the battery while not using it.

On another note, I think I need to clean, saw another bug while putting air in my bike tires, I also hurt my left upper arm doing that. Maybe now I’ll do some kind of exercise. No idea where the bug went. Looked kind of big. I must not look at the floor much.

Maybe I’ll clean tomorrow.

Here’s the instructions for reinstalling. I’d make a video, but those who would need a video, probably use Windows, so flashing it to the flash drive in Linux wouldn’t help them. I have nothing with Windows on it, I don’t like Windows.